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New Music

Hello out there!

Gosh I really am sorry for dropping off the planet the last year.  So many times I saw things I wanted to share with you, things I wanted to say.  Alas- between day jobs and little people, there just has been any me time at all.  But I’ve been chipping away, literally 15 minutes here and there, in the middle of the night mostly, to bring you some new music and a little video to go with it.


If you enjoy it- feel free to download yourself a free copy on my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/osh10/eunoia

I can’t promise I’ll be back tomorrow- but I’ll do my best not to be a stranger on these pages.

xx Aimee

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The cat theme continues…

I was asked to compose a soundtrack for a short film by Jacqui Stewart who is the voice behind the mic on wonderful electronica radio show- House of Jack on Joy FM.

She sent me through the footage and lo and behold it starts and ends with a feline friend.  The pussy cat theme seems to be creeping in to my stage shows, songs, merchandise and now soundtracks.  Not that I mind- I do love these little creatures.

You can check out the resulting work here:

cat for jacqui from jacqui stewart on Vimeo.

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Being a better music fan

I just read this great article by Lachlan Bryan over at Artshub.  I think he makes some excellent points.  Some of my most enduring favourite music has been found because I took a punt and bought a  cd from an unsigned artist on CD baby or I clicked through a link on a music blog to something that sounded interesting and bought the album on itunes or through bandcamp.  I don’t do it enough either anymore- I’ve made a loose rule for myself, that if there is a song being played on independent radio here in Melbourne that I find myself singing along to in the car constantly- I write down the name and go home and look for it on a digital store.  Last one I’ve nabbed is Lost Animals– Lose the baby. Such a fantastic song.

There really are amazing songs out there- not just the ones that come to your attention through great marketing and hype.  we all need to stop saying we can’t afford to buy music.  When you only had the options to buy CDs- you saved for that CD you just had to have, you found a way to own it and you played it over and over for weeks.  It’s a brilliant feeling falling in love with a song- be brave, take a punt and actually go and buy some music that you are passionate  about.

Lachlan’s article can be found here.

A CD I bought on CD Baby by US musician Gileah many years ago has remained in my top 25 on itunes ever since.  Here’s a taste:

Just after posting I came across this fantastic article- so had to re-edit to include:


and if you still aren’t convinced http://www.popmedium.com/2012/06/response-to-groupies-article-entitled-why-music-piracy-is-good/

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Improvised sets on Joy FM

I can’t believe it’s the middle of May.  I guess we say it every year- but really, 2012 does seem to be flying along quicker than most.  I guess that’s in part because I’m so busy.

In April I visited the studios of Joy FM in Melbourne and did a live to air performance for House of Jack– one of the only shows I’ve come across that plays not only the trip-hop pioneers like Lamb and Portishead, but independently released and little heard exponents of the genre and beyond.  I am really grateful for the support of this show and it was so much fun to play.

I choose to assemble a whole bunch of electronic sounds that I’ve been working on for an upcoming instrumental album and do an improvised performance using them.  It will give you a good indication of the direction of the album.

Along with my performance (which you can download for free!) you can also listen and download performances by  Nat GrantTodd Anderson-Kunert and James Annesley.

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Big Love for Adelaide

Well I’m back home after a whirlwind few days in the city of churches. I can now say with absolute certainty that it is certainly not all about churches in this fine South Australian capital- they sure now how to throw one hell of a festival- or 3.

On Wednesday night I headed after an afternoon of wandering around to get my bearings (I am the worst navigator you will possibly ever meet) I headed out to a pop up bar, down an alley way called Arcade Lane to catch the first round of bands for Fuse Festival. I finally got to see a fellow Melbournian who I had heard a lot about but who had seemed to elude me when it came to a live show, so it was lovely to finally see Kristina Militiadou, particularly in such a gorgeous venue, with incredible balmy Summer weather.  Thursday was spent chatting with other bands and sitting in on conference topics before a bit of a chat with Seb on The Range: Radio Adelaide   you can stream the interview right HERE!    Seb also started the show with a new track that I also have a crush on: Genisis by Grimes: Really beautiful…. have a listen-

Then it was time for my showcase!  Super excited by the venue- Cuckoo Bar Big congrats to Phil & Sarah for creating such a stylish forum for electronic music.  I would highly recommend a visit if you are in town!

So my showcase was an absolute blast, really had a great time and have to say an enormous thank you to the people who made it down to watch.  Some super brilliant new friends to be made (That would be you Brent, Sam & Elizabeth xox) and just all round good vibes.

If you couldn’t make it down- Here’s one of my songs captured live by Spoz and his youtube channel is wonderful for getting a glimpse of some of the other great bands that were on show (I’m glad he shot Hawks of Alba, cause I wanted to catch them and they were playing too close to my slot at another venue) Spoz’s blog has a lot of footage for music in Adelaide albeit with heavily weighted to non electronic/electro music – but absolutely worth a peruse, if only for the volume of music he manages to take photos and footage of.

Final night was Fringe Festival Opening Night- complete with parade. Honestly Adelaide you really do have amazing energy and I am so very fond of you! I’m going to come back soon and I’ll be sure to bring friends with me.


Thanks to everyone who made the trip so amazing!


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Awesome new tunes at Free the Beats!

If you love slightly wonky instrumental electronica- then you should definitely get your hands on a copy of this.  Evan played one of the tracks on his magnificent show Art of Bleep on PBS.  The rest of the album turns out to be pretty great listening.

And if you are making beats and wanna get them out into the big wide world, then perhaps you best send them a tune or 2 via their Dropbox.

Flight Recorder – Live In Minto from Free The Beats on Vimeo.

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Live Interview on PBS FM this Sunday night!

There’s a fantastic program called The Art of Bleep that I discovered about 12 months ago- I get so many tips on amazing music (Julianna Barwick and Little Dragon just to name a couple) from the wonderful playlists. It really exemplifies what is so fantastic about Melbourne independent radio- Passion for music above all else!: host Evan Carr has got it in spades and we definitely share similar tastes in music.

I’ve been lucky enough to be played in a number of the playlists in the last 6 months and I feel really privileged to have been played alongside such fantastic music.

I’m going to be dropping in to the studio this Sunday night to have a chat about my new remix album
and album launch coming up on Tuesday 13 December at the gorgeous Off The Kerb Gallery

Tune in from midnight this Sunday if you’re a night owL or listen after the fact via the podcasts!Image

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