Monthly Archives: May 2014


I am really looking forward to seeing the new film ‘Boyhood‘ by Richard Linklater.  The Before Sunrise/Sunset trilogy of films are favourites of mine.  I find the films themselves to be so deeply human, so real, so familiar is the melancholy, the reflection and the tug of war of simply living a life, played out in real time that you really do feel immersed.

Linklater’s commitment to such long term concepts  is very brave in a world where creatives are so often locked in to producing content in short time periods to maximize the marketing dollar investment in them.  Or who churn out constant work in order to stave off a fear of fading away.  To be able to watch these actors age and deal with the passage of time and experience across films or within the one film as is the case with Boyhood, is endlessly fascinating to me.

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