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Pamela Reid

I’ve been meaning to send you over to look at the beautiful visual art of Melbourne lady Pamela Reid for a little while- so here I go…

Pamela will tell you that she came to the craft later in her life, but I would argue she’s had it in her since day one.  Upon meeting her you are immediately swept up in her boundless energy and creative lifeforce (she is an absolute firecracker in the best possible way), it is no surprise to me that she is able to capture  both the tiniest, intimate emotions of everyday people as well as the larger arcs of landscape and light in her work.



Metropolis I – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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Meg Mac- Justified Hype!

I usually tune out as soon as a new artist appears on every hip music blog all at once, because it tends to feel like they’ve just employed the services of a well connected publicist, it rarely feels like an organic thing.  However in the case of Melbournian Meg Mac, the heaped praise seems definitely well placed- she has undeniably got something all of her own going on.

I love that she is working a flat out pop/soul sound It’s something that generally doesn’t fare well with the cool kids here in Melbourne, but she manages to give it a lot of depth (probably courtesy of her smoking voice) making it edgy, sexy and Australian sounding without it losing it’s hook and commercial polish and it’s catching everyone off guard in the best kind of way.  The video is a wee bit handsome too.

Do you think the hype is justified?  Take a look and listen for yourself:

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Revisiting your youth in images

I really love the concept behind this series by Japanese artist Chino Otsuka.

She has inserted her current self into photos from her childhood,  playing on memory and nostalgia, alienation and comfort.  The works just bring up so many thoughts and feelings for me as a viewer.  I think if I saw these images on a gallery wall I would find it extremely difficult to look away.

I highly recommend you head over to her website and check out this series as well as her incredible catalogue of work.

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