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Belly of the Beast

This week I received my reward for contributing to the pozible crowdfunding campaign for Belly of the Beast– the first publication for an innovative Melbourne based design School- Old School the New School for Graphic Design & Typography.  A beautiful children’s book by Rosetta Lake Mills.IMG_0682 IMG_0683

I chose this book Lucy & the Moving Moon as my reward as something I can read to my 10 week old daughter- Newborns are really receptive to stark black and white images and patterns and she loves to hear me reading to her- even though she is a long way from understanding the words, the melodic sounds we make when reading are all feeding her rapidly growing brain with information.

I was also really happy to contribute to the campaign to get issue 1 of Belly of the Beast off the ground- it is a great opportunity for individual voices to be championed in print- what is not to love about that!

*** I must add after reading the book, I was a bit taken aback with the ending- keeping spiders in jars because you don’t agree with their thoughts on the moon?- I rewrote the story for future readings!

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