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Song Addiction- Tame Impala

Most of my song addictions come quite inconveniently on the radio whilst I’m driving. Inconvenient because I get excited, occasionally want to applaud, ring the radio station to thank them, write down the song details etc- all not too easy to do with your hands on the wheel. Nonetheless, driving affords me time to listen to all sorts of things I wouldn’t otherwise, I’m a captive audience for at least 2 hours a day.

The latest song that has stuck from the first listen is Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’ It’s a bit of a psychedelic rock number and the lead singer sounds like John Lennon. One lyric line in particular plays on repeat- ‘He pulled the mirrors off his cadillac, because he doesn’t like it looking like he’s looking back’ The songwriter in me, totally did a happy dance upon hearing that one. Excellent!

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Japan Tour 2012- footage

Here’s a little bit of a video I’ve put together of my shenanigans of September 2012 in wondrous Japan.

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ASTRA- Piano between fingers and electronic transformation

I was lucky enough to see both the rehearsal run and the performance of a highly ambitious and truly engaging presentation of new works on Sunday.

Titled ‘Piano Between Fingers and Electronic Transformation’ it featured the works of two Melbourne based composers Anthony Lyons and Steve Adam who composed pieces for solo piano and computer technology, and who for the past year have been devising work in close consultation with the pianist at the centre of the performance- Sonja Lifschitz.
It was entrancing, so often the fusion between organic and electronic can be forced and insincere- creating 2 separate sound sources that divide and confuse the listening experience.  However in the case of this performance they were entwined with subtle beauty, each allowing the other to take focus or to support.   Lifschitz in both her technical prowess and her commanding presence and focus in what was a demanding 70 minutes of playing was mesmerizing.

Here is a video from the compositional process leading up to the performance.


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The cat theme continues…

I was asked to compose a soundtrack for a short film by Jacqui Stewart who is the voice behind the mic on wonderful electronica radio show- House of Jack on Joy FM.

She sent me through the footage and lo and behold it starts and ends with a feline friend.  The pussy cat theme seems to be creeping in to my stage shows, songs, merchandise and now soundtracks.  Not that I mind- I do love these little creatures.

You can check out the resulting work here:

cat for jacqui from jacqui stewart on Vimeo.

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