Being a better music fan

I just read this great article by Lachlan Bryan over at Artshub.  I think he makes some excellent points.  Some of my most enduring favourite music has been found because I took a punt and bought a  cd from an unsigned artist on CD baby or I clicked through a link on a music blog to something that sounded interesting and bought the album on itunes or through bandcamp.  I don’t do it enough either anymore- I’ve made a loose rule for myself, that if there is a song being played on independent radio here in Melbourne that I find myself singing along to in the car constantly- I write down the name and go home and look for it on a digital store.  Last one I’ve nabbed is Lost Animals– Lose the baby. Such a fantastic song.

There really are amazing songs out there- not just the ones that come to your attention through great marketing and hype.  we all need to stop saying we can’t afford to buy music.  When you only had the options to buy CDs- you saved for that CD you just had to have, you found a way to own it and you played it over and over for weeks.  It’s a brilliant feeling falling in love with a song- be brave, take a punt and actually go and buy some music that you are passionate  about.

Lachlan’s article can be found here.

A CD I bought on CD Baby by US musician Gileah many years ago has remained in my top 25 on itunes ever since.  Here’s a taste:

Just after posting I came across this fantastic article- so had to re-edit to include:

and if you still aren’t convinced

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