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Ainslie Wills

She has been getting an awful lot of press lately and I think in the case of Ainslie Wills it isn’t all to do with having a great publicist.  She has a voice to be reckoned with.  I first heard her many years ago when she was studying at VCA and you knew that there was something special going on with this girl.  She has a smokiness and depth to her voice, that sucks you in, before she hits you with pure bell like soprano tones.   Her songs are definitely pop- but they are smart, interesting pop, without any pretentiousness- my favourite kind.  Catchy and cool she will definitely be a name people know in the music world.

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Fright Night

I’m heading to the State Library tomorrow to see the event ‘Fright Night’ which is hosted by the enigmatic Nathan Curnow.  Set in the Queens Hall of Melbourne’s State Library, there is much talk about the otherwordly characters that inhabit the halls- from a former librarian called ‘Grace’ to another former worker who often walks the underground staff passages, despite no longer being of this world.

Talk of ghosts facinates me, like most people, from childhood ghost stories at school camp, to watching ridiculous horror movies- I love the concept of this mysterious, unexplained phenomena.  That people just like a place to much to leave, even though technically- they are already gone.

The night will feature a number of writers who work in fiction/non-fiction, poetry and performance art presenting their spooky tales.  It’s going to be fun!


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Musicoz Awards

Well I thought I was just going to be going to work as per usual tomorrow- but it seems I’ll be getting on a plane and heading to the red carpet of the Sydney Opera House as a finalist in this year’s MusicOz Awards.

It’s an expensive undertaking to fly up there at short notice (as everything in being a musician seems to be hard on my bank balance!)  but I think win or lose- sometimes you need to take opportunities such as this to stop and acknowledge the hard work that you have put into creating a song and let it be celebrated by yourself, your peers and the industry.  All too often we have already moved onto recording the next song while the previous one is just finding it’s way out into the world- so tomorrow night, I’ll pop on a frock, enjoy a little bit more sunshine than we currently have in Melbourne- (although Melbourne in your defence you really have turned it on today!) and celebrating the diversity and depth of Australia’s unsigned talent.

You can watch the awards live and then on repeat right here:

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Improvised sets on Joy FM

I can’t believe it’s the middle of May.  I guess we say it every year- but really, 2012 does seem to be flying along quicker than most.  I guess that’s in part because I’m so busy.

In April I visited the studios of Joy FM in Melbourne and did a live to air performance for House of Jack– one of the only shows I’ve come across that plays not only the trip-hop pioneers like Lamb and Portishead, but independently released and little heard exponents of the genre and beyond.  I am really grateful for the support of this show and it was so much fun to play.

I choose to assemble a whole bunch of electronic sounds that I’ve been working on for an upcoming instrumental album and do an improvised performance using them.  It will give you a good indication of the direction of the album.

Along with my performance (which you can download for free!) you can also listen and download performances by  Nat GrantTodd Anderson-Kunert and James Annesley.

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