Sitting in a bar in Adelaide

Well I’m not sitting in a bar in Adelaide, but I’m certainly getting psyched to do so.  I recently spoke to Michael on the Podcast ‘Sitting in A Bar in Adelaide’ which featured a handful of the bands showcasing at Fuse Festival next week.  It’s a really good snapshot of just how much amazing, polished and diverse the independent music scene is in Australia.  I think if you’re prepared to do even the tiniest bit of exploration beyond the Triple J and Nova dripfeed, you really are rewarded.  You can have a listen to Michael having a chat to bands from Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and beyond.  My personal interview starts about 32 minutes in and it was a pleasure speaking to Michael who is clearly passionate about music, both his own and Australian.

There’s also big rap for bass player extraordinaire Dave Evans

Here is a video for The Brow Horn Orchestra playing next Wednesday night as part of the Fuse East Showcase:

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