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Writer-a-Day: Clare Carlin reading from “Excursions”

Writer-a-Day: Clare Carlin reading from “Excursions”.

Clare is a very talented woman that I have only had the pleasure of meeting briefly- but continue to stumble upon things that she has written that just reinforce the impression that you get of her upon meeting-  She’s an absolute find!



Big Love for Adelaide

Well I’m back home after a whirlwind few days in the city of churches. I can now say with absolute certainty that it is certainly not all about churches in this fine South Australian capital- they sure now how to throw one hell of a festival- or 3.

On Wednesday night I headed after an afternoon of wandering around to get my bearings (I am the worst navigator you will possibly ever meet) I headed out to a pop up bar, down an alley way called Arcade Lane to catch the first round of bands for Fuse Festival. I finally got to see a fellow Melbournian who I had heard a lot about but who had seemed to elude me when it came to a live show, so it was lovely to finally see Kristina Militiadou, particularly in such a gorgeous venue, with incredible balmy Summer weather.  Thursday was spent chatting with other bands and sitting in on conference topics before a bit of a chat with Seb on The Range: Radio Adelaide   you can stream the interview right HERE!    Seb also started the show with a new track that I also have a crush on: Genisis by Grimes: Really beautiful…. have a listen-

Then it was time for my showcase!  Super excited by the venue- Cuckoo Bar Big congrats to Phil & Sarah for creating such a stylish forum for electronic music.  I would highly recommend a visit if you are in town!

So my showcase was an absolute blast, really had a great time and have to say an enormous thank you to the people who made it down to watch.  Some super brilliant new friends to be made (That would be you Brent, Sam & Elizabeth xox) and just all round good vibes.

If you couldn’t make it down- Here’s one of my songs captured live by Spoz and his youtube channel is wonderful for getting a glimpse of some of the other great bands that were on show (I’m glad he shot Hawks of Alba, cause I wanted to catch them and they were playing too close to my slot at another venue) Spoz’s blog has a lot of footage for music in Adelaide albeit with heavily weighted to non electronic/electro music – but absolutely worth a peruse, if only for the volume of music he manages to take photos and footage of.

Final night was Fringe Festival Opening Night- complete with parade. Honestly Adelaide you really do have amazing energy and I am so very fond of you! I’m going to come back soon and I’ll be sure to bring friends with me.


Thanks to everyone who made the trip so amazing!


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By Elly & Deja

It always seems to come up in interviews that there are not a lot of people in Australia doing Trip-Hop/Electronica styles- and it’s true, it’s a small little group, but we are here and when you do a little bit of digging you find some pretty amazing ladies.

Another Melbourne based lass is By Elly  and on this typical it’s hot, it’s cold, wait it’s storming like the apocalypse Melbourne day, turn up your speakers and have a listen to this:

While you’re at it check out the new video for Melbourne based duo Deja. Making some great sounds that delicately traverse commercial and artistic leanings.

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Sitting in a bar in Adelaide

Well I’m not sitting in a bar in Adelaide, but I’m certainly getting psyched to do so.  I recently spoke to Michael on the Podcast ‘Sitting in A Bar in Adelaide’ which featured a handful of the bands showcasing at Fuse Festival next week.  It’s a really good snapshot of just how much amazing, polished and diverse the independent music scene is in Australia.  I think if you’re prepared to do even the tiniest bit of exploration beyond the Triple J and Nova dripfeed, you really are rewarded.  You can have a listen to Michael having a chat to bands from Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and beyond.  My personal interview starts about 32 minutes in and it was a pleasure speaking to Michael who is clearly passionate about music, both his own and Australian.

There’s also big rap for bass player extraordinaire Dave Evans

Here is a video for The Brow Horn Orchestra playing next Wednesday night as part of the Fuse East Showcase:

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Fuse Festival Countdown

Only a little over a week until I am Adelaide bound for Fuse Festival. It’s going to be a fairly intense couple of days seminars and talks during the day and lots of music to see at night.  A few bands I’m looking forward to catching are fellow Melbournians Howl at the Moon, Adam Eaton and South Australians The Shiny Brights

If you are in Adelaide, I’d love to see you!  I’m playing at Cuckoo Bar on Thursday 23 February and I’ll be on around 10.30pm, but make sure you catch local hip-hop lad The Beat Co. who is on before me.

The whole night of Showcase Gigs for Fuse Festival is Free Entry- that’s a LOT of live music for no outlay, so if you are in Adelaide, please consider getting out on the town on Wed 22 and Thurs 23 and support some great music from every genre and every state in Australia.

The event coincides with National Slam Day which is an offshoot of the amazing Slam Rally that took place in Melbourne to help bring much needed attention to the state of Live music in Australia.

Get on Board!!


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Visualise: Make a music video, mobile phone app, interactive installation.

If you are a member of the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association it is time to flex your creative digits and mess around with my music at the same time. Getty Images have put together a competition called Visualise

Take my music and then make something new, visual and highly creative to exist alongside or within it and you could win a brand spanking macbook air a full CS 5.5 Master Suite and have your work shown at the AIMIA Awards at Cockatoo Island next month.  I will also be showing my favourite entries throughout the World Wide Web and if you make something that I can take with me on tour to Japan, France and the Netherlands in the coming months, then your work will be coming along with me there too!

Modeselektor feat. Otto von Schirach “Evil Twin” from eatart on Vimeo.

MonsterMaker 1.0 from SPTA! on Vimeo.

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