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Free Remix Download and new music that I can’t get enough of

Well first of all, I thought it was time for a present!  I was pottering on a track that I started when I was happily lost in the South of France at La Muse.

You can download a full copy of the track HERE!


I wanted to let you know about 2 artists from opposite side of the world that I just can’t get enough of at the moment.

The first is: Beat Culture He’s a 17 year old from the US who only started making music a year ago and I’m awestruck- his sample based compositions are really engrossing- he has something really special.  There’s a mixture of free downloads and songs for sale- really worth a listen.

I also just bought an ep by Brice Woodall also hailing from the US- this 4 track release was recorded partly on cassette and partly on computer- the result is really gorgeous electronic pop that reminds me somewhat of The Postal Service.  I haven’t given it a thorough listening as yet- but it strikes me as a grower!

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New Andrew Bird Album on its way

One of my most inspiring music discoveries of the past few years is Andrew Bird.  He writes vivid story-filled lyrics and marries them with quirky yet catchy melodies and the sounds he chooses to orchestrate his arrangements are a rich, layered feast of vocals, strings, guitar, drums- mostly the talented Mr Bird playing it all himself.  I feel like he writes what he has too- there is a real fearlessness to each release, they seem to be devoid of a commercial agenda, a difficult path for any artist and one for which I admire him immensely.

I’m very excited to see that we’ll soon have a new Andrew Bird Album to cherish- artwork and track listings have just been released:

and should you need a bit of an introduction to this finely dressed, incredibly talented musician:

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Aint love grand!

I’m definitely not a marriage addict or lovefool, but I do I love to see an imaginative marriage proposal- not an expensive, elaborate, sickly overdone one.  I like seeing the personal kind with a lot of creativity and humour.  Came across this one on Designboom today and I think stop motion Lego would win me over and if I wasn’t quite convinced, then having Han Solo as celebrant despite being cryogenically frozen would most definitely seal the deal!

A Proposal in Stop Motion from FIREPIT PICTURES on Vimeo.

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Awesome new tunes at Free the Beats!

If you love slightly wonky instrumental electronica- then you should definitely get your hands on a copy of this.  Evan played one of the tracks on his magnificent show Art of Bleep on PBS.  The rest of the album turns out to be pretty great listening.

And if you are making beats and wanna get them out into the big wide world, then perhaps you best send them a tune or 2 via their Dropbox.

Flight Recorder – Live In Minto from Free The Beats on Vimeo.

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