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Update May 2010

Ahoy friends!

I thought I’d best let you know what I’ve been up to lest you think I am merely living the musician stereotype of getting up at 2pm in the afternoon and drinking wine in dark pubs until 2 in the morning (ahh those were the days)

Not even close to reality (well ok sometimes I’ve been in pubs till 2am and I do like wine) I’ve been busy recording tracks for my new album! You can have a sneaky peak because Shrapnel has been launched this week and is now available on Itunes (or your digital distributor of choice). I have been a little quieter on the gig front in 2010 so I can write and record some more in the process of shaking things up at Osh10 HQ for a brighter, more productive future. I’m looking forward to getting back on the gig horse with plans to visit the brilliant WA. I love you Western Australia, our tour in December was just too short for so much fun.

The new album has some very special guest artists- the string playing prowess of Tim & Tamil from True Live along with the beats of Tim Coghill and Bass behemoths Josh Holt & Dave Evans. Can’t wait to share it- it’s a few months away yet- in the meantime I hope you enjoy Shrapnel.

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Shrapnel Single out now!

The Shrapnel single from the forthcoming album is out now on your favourite digital stores. Cheap as chips at AUD $1.69

osh10 - Shrapnel - Shrapnel

Recording for the new album is in full swing, a few in the bag, even more super close to done and a couple well on their way. Feeling very happy about the whole process and can’t wait to share with you!!

X Aimee

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