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Hello out there!

Gosh I really am sorry for dropping off the planet the last year.  So many times I saw things I wanted to share with you, things I wanted to say.  Alas- between day jobs and little people, there just has been any me time at all.  But I’ve been chipping away, literally 15 minutes here and there, in the middle of the night mostly, to bring you some new music and a little video to go with it.


If you enjoy it- feel free to download yourself a free copy on my soundcloud:

I can’t promise I’ll be back tomorrow- but I’ll do my best not to be a stranger on these pages.

xx Aimee

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Massive song crush- Sohn ‘The Wheel’

They have just started playing this track on independent radio here in Melbourne, so I was really surprised to find, when hunting for it on line, that it is already a year old.

Better late than never though- it’s a great song, that I can’t stop listening to.

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I am really looking forward to seeing the new film ‘Boyhood‘ by Richard Linklater.  The Before Sunrise/Sunset trilogy of films are favourites of mine.  I find the films themselves to be so deeply human, so real, so familiar is the melancholy, the reflection and the tug of war of simply living a life, played out in real time that you really do feel immersed.

Linklater’s commitment to such long term concepts  is very brave in a world where creatives are so often locked in to producing content in short time periods to maximize the marketing dollar investment in them.  Or who churn out constant work in order to stave off a fear of fading away.  To be able to watch these actors age and deal with the passage of time and experience across films or within the one film as is the case with Boyhood, is endlessly fascinating to me.

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She Left a Note

I’ve been in something of a hibernation when it comes to my music making- It’s not that I’ve stopped, I have been working away on things and keeping lots of small projects on the burner, I guess I’ve just had to step back on the throttle, compared to my normal pace.  Having little people in your life just forces you to slow down and just do what you can in the moments you get.  While it really has been a difficult thing for me to get used to, I think it has also been a real blessing.  I’ve had to say no to a lot of things and most of them I haven’t missed.  It has also given me a whole lot of clarity on the things I do miss, the things I do want to say, the people I do want to work for.  So in the tiny cracks between work and child rearing, I’m sorting my creative mind.

One of the things I’ve really wanted to get out into the world is this remix I did of Luke Howard & Janos Bruneel‘s song ‘She Left a Note‘.  I loved this song the minute I got their album Open Road, so it was an absolute joy to explore a remix of it.

I also had a bit of fun creating a small visual to go with it.



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Pamela Reid

I’ve been meaning to send you over to look at the beautiful visual art of Melbourne lady Pamela Reid for a little while- so here I go…

Pamela will tell you that she came to the craft later in her life, but I would argue she’s had it in her since day one.  Upon meeting her you are immediately swept up in her boundless energy and creative lifeforce (she is an absolute firecracker in the best possible way), it is no surprise to me that she is able to capture  both the tiniest, intimate emotions of everyday people as well as the larger arcs of landscape and light in her work.



Metropolis I – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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Meg Mac- Justified Hype!

I usually tune out as soon as a new artist appears on every hip music blog all at once, because it tends to feel like they’ve just employed the services of a well connected publicist, it rarely feels like an organic thing.  However in the case of Melbournian Meg Mac, the heaped praise seems definitely well placed- she has undeniably got something all of her own going on.

I love that she is working a flat out pop/soul sound It’s something that generally doesn’t fare well with the cool kids here in Melbourne, but she manages to give it a lot of depth (probably courtesy of her smoking voice) making it edgy, sexy and Australian sounding without it losing it’s hook and commercial polish and it’s catching everyone off guard in the best kind of way.  The video is a wee bit handsome too.

Do you think the hype is justified?  Take a look and listen for yourself:

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Revisiting your youth in images

I really love the concept behind this series by Japanese artist Chino Otsuka.

She has inserted her current self into photos from her childhood,  playing on memory and nostalgia, alienation and comfort.  The works just bring up so many thoughts and feelings for me as a viewer.  I think if I saw these images on a gallery wall I would find it extremely difficult to look away.

I highly recommend you head over to her website and check out this series as well as her incredible catalogue of work.

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The Ripcord- Brand new single from osh10

I launched a brand new song just over a week ago.  It’s the 3rd and final single to be released ahead of my new album.  I also released a video to accompany the song.  I did all of the direction and editing duties myself this time.   Juggling a newborn baby I needed to keep the concept and details of the single simple but still make it visually interesting.  I had a lot of fun with it and despite a lot of constraints on my time, I found the process a whole lot easier and more efficient than previous videos.

This album contains a lot more pop sensibilities than previous work and I’ve really enjoyed the freedom (and the restriction) that comes with a 3 minute music punch. Hope you enjoy it!

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Belly of the Beast

This week I received my reward for contributing to the pozible crowdfunding campaign for Belly of the Beast– the first publication for an innovative Melbourne based design School- Old School the New School for Graphic Design & Typography.  A beautiful children’s book by Rosetta Lake Mills.IMG_0682 IMG_0683

I chose this book Lucy & the Moving Moon as my reward as something I can read to my 10 week old daughter- Newborns are really receptive to stark black and white images and patterns and she loves to hear me reading to her- even though she is a long way from understanding the words, the melodic sounds we make when reading are all feeding her rapidly growing brain with information.

I was also really happy to contribute to the campaign to get issue 1 of Belly of the Beast off the ground- it is a great opportunity for individual voices to be championed in print- what is not to love about that!

*** I must add after reading the book, I was a bit taken aback with the ending- keeping spiders in jars because you don’t agree with their thoughts on the moon?- I rewrote the story for future readings!

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Fridgebuzz: An Ode to Radiohead

2 years ago, one of my amazingly talented friends Mr Josh Cohen pulled together an extremely ambitious and complex concert in the non-conventional space of Old Melbourne Gaol. It was a one night only, sold-out affair covering a huge cross section of Radiohead repertoire with a full band, string quartet and choir across 3 levels of the Gaol. I was really happy to have been a part of the choir- it was a special night and singing Radiohead is always a pleasure!

Josh has been working tirelessly on the audio and visual from the night and has recently posted the results… enjoy:

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